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Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Glazing/Glasses ASTM F3057-14
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Shielding effectiveness test following the Standard ASTM F3057-14:
  • The Standard ASTM F3057-14 is a new and the best method (different from the IEEE-299) focuses on glazings/glasses or glazing configurations at a specified full range frequency from 100kHz to 20 GHz, and covers the determination of the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness.
    This is a component test. It is not applicable to full systems such as walls, floors, ceilings, shielded racks, or window systems and it is used to standardize a measurement procedure for glazings or glazing configurations, with and without coatings, films, interlayers, or other enhancements, as single or insulating units at a standard size and when mounted in a standardized frame.

  • Emctest Technologies is a laboratory that performs shielding effectiveness tests on site, directly to the customer, in Italy and in Europe, or at its headquarters in Rimini - Italy.

    We perform shielding effectiveness tests for several sectors:

    • private
    • industrial
    • medical
    • nautical
    • aviation
    • military

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    Measurements are made according to customer specifications or in accordance with the main standards currently in use or:

    shielding effectiveness test example with 2 antennas
    • Fabrics used to protect premises against electromagnetic fields
    • Realization of card holders
    • Jackets pockets
    • Shirts
    • Bags
    • Suitcases to protect RFID cards

    • Shielding panels and sheets for the construction of shielded structures such as shelters, screened rooms, reserved rooms, medical rooms, etc.

    • Glasses to be applied to screens for small equipment
    • Glasses for the construction of shielding windows for buildings or internal dividing walls.

    Applicable solutions
    • Spray
    • Shielding paints

    Other shielding solutions
    • Not mentioned above

    Oversize Products
    • Aircrafts
    • Trucks
    • Cars
    • Military Shelter
    • Container
    • Electrical cabinets

    • Entire buildings
    • Rooms
    • Reserved places
    • Government premises
    • Medical facilities
    • Shielded chambers
    • Anechoic chambers

    • Shielded glasses
    • Equipment screens

    Applicable solutions
    • Spray for industrial use
    • Military shielding paints

    Other shielding solutions
    • Not mentioned above

    shielding effectiveness graph
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